Why Mr Fong’s Maths Tuition

Traditional Teaching Approach

We take the traditional approach to teaching Maths, which is based on giving direct instructions to students in a small and interactive classroom setting. Mr Fong runs a focused but friendly classroom, which means there are little distractions and students quickly settle and concentrate on learning.

Face-to-Face Interaction

We believe quality Maths teaching means students get face-to-face interaction with an educator who is trained in teaching Maths, and not simply anybody who studied Maths during their high school years. As we all know, being good in Maths doesn’t necessarily mean they will be good at teaching it.

Practice Makes Perfect

We believe that “practice makes perfect”, the more time children spend familiarising themselves with the subject, the less intimidating it will appear. There are no short cuts or gimmicks. Students need to be committed to learning, and that means spending time in familiarising themselves with the maths concepts and practising problem solving, in order for results to show improvement.

Proven Effective Class Structure

We believe in the effectiveness of peer group learning. Apart form learning from the tutor, research* has found that a small peer group environment is not only conducive to a better learning experience, it also promotes “a positive attitude towards the subject matter”.
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